Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Couple Share

I got this off my Aunt Blog..I Thought i will fill this in about me and Ron.
What are your Middle Name?Mine is: Jeanne and His is: Lee
How long have you been together?8 year together
How Long did you know each other before you startin datin? over a two month, before i met home in person.
Who ask who out?He ask me first,when I broke up with me Exs
Who say I love you first? I did, I knew i want him.
Who old are each of you?Well I'm 30 and He is 33
who siblings do/did you see the most? His once a month, Not now.no car
Do you have any Children together, Not yet, not ready, when the lord say im ready then i will
Do you have any pets?Yes,two Female dogs,One name is Rustie and other is Midnight, new to the family, she 14 weeks
Did you go to the same school?Nope
Are you from the same Hometown?No im org from Philadelphia born and raise,He was born in hallstead and raise in Ny.
Who is Smartest? Use to be Ron, because he went to Collage and then his bad truck Accids,Now I guess its me
Who is the more Sensitive? Me, me,me,
Where do you eat out the Most as a Couple? Home or At Camp
Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?NY
Who has the craziest ex?dunno
Who has the worst temper?Ron does
Who does the cooking?Me and My dad
Who is the most social?dunno
Who is the neat-freak?Me
Who is the most stubborn?everyone say me
Who wakes up earlier?Ron is
Where was your first date? In Ny
Who has the bigger family? Ron Does,He have family all over the place
Do you get flowers often?No
Who do you spend the holidays with?My parents
Who is more jealous? Ron say,Im more Jealous when Ladies talk to him
Who sings better?Neather
Who does/did the laundry? Me
Who’s better with the computer? Me, I learn some stuff from My Uncle
Who drives when you are together? He Does
Who picks where you go to dinner? both
Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? Dunno
Who named your pet?whatever family agree too
Who wears the pants in the relationship?Well God Does,I guess we both does, depen on what is what
Who has more tattoos? Ron
Who eats more sweets?me, when i get depress
Who cries more? I cry over anything,even if i hear my family fighter and not gettin along.

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